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My online Inner Awareness Circles will take place on Monday evening at 7.30pm to 9pm GMT.

They are an opportunity for you to get to know yourself better, through inner investigation with meditation and visualisation. Learning about your energy centres and how to maintain balance.

Each month we will focus on a theme, looking at it from different perspectives each week, September's theme is the element of Air and our Heart energy centre.

We will also acknowledge your past, present and future self, embracing your wisdom and knowledge from your life experience, accepting and getting to know the person you are now, giving your self the choice and opportunity to be the person you want to be.

Each Circle begins with an opening ceremony to bring everyone together, I will invite you to light a candle which will be used to connect you with your inner self by flame gazing. Cacao or Herbal tea will be part of our ceremony (you will find a recipe for your Cacao drink here).

The theme we are focusing on will be introduced, I will guide you on a journey using a few different tools, these will include meditation & visualisation, oracle card contemplations/stories (if you don't have any oracle cards, I will pull 3 cards for the group that you can use) , meditative movement/dance, followed by guided discussion, you will need a journal and pen to note down anything that comes up for you, we will then close the Circle. There will be time for a general chat at the end.

Online Inner Awareness Circles

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