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Felt Picture


Capture a Moment in Felt

These workshops are tailored to the experience of the individual, so they are suitable for the novice and experienced alike. All you will need to bring is an Inspirational image and I will teach you how to create your Picture using the techniques of wet felting, pre-felting, needle felting, with specific guidance to manipulating the fibres to get the desired effects using beautiful varieties of coloured Merino wool. 


All the materials are provided.  

2 day Felt Picture Masterclass  


After the wet felting process of building the body of the picture on day 1, we will be working with a variety of fine detailing techniques using dry felting & needle felting skills to achieve more definition in your picture on day 2.


14 hours, Saturday & Sunday 10am - 5pm, Limited to 6 places.

2020  £175 

Held at:

The Memorial Hall, Mill Lane, Acaster Malbis, York YO23 2UJ 

20 & 21 June 2020 4 places available

17 & 18 October 2020 5 places available

7 & 8 November 2020 6 places available

Coming to my 2 day Masterclass and want Accommodation near by? Click the Accommodation button below for some recommendations





International Courses

2 Day Felt Picture Masterclasses in Donegal, Ireland


Held at:

Ionad Teampall Chroine (Dungloe Library), Main Street, Dungloe, Co. Donegal, Ireland


25/26 April 2020 2 places available


29/30 August 2020 4 places available








Luxury Felt Picture Making Retreat

Enjoy a complete break on a 3 day Creative Retreat:

  • All Inclusive Luxury Felt Picture Making Retreat  at The Hawkhills, country house near Easingold in the heart of Yorkshire, for a maximum of 8 people       £495 

8/9/10 May 2020 2 places available

25/26/27 September 2020 7 places available


To pay in 2 monthly installments of £250 & £245 Contact Me to arrange this.




Online Felt Picture Making Courses

For those of you who are unable to make it in person to my workshops, I have created two Online Felt Picture Courses, Summer Storm and Raindrops on Roses teaching you everything you need to know to make them.

The Courtyard art studio image.JPG

Masterclass Reviews:

A wonderful master class course with a diligent and confident teacher who shares endless top tips with students and ensures everyone has 1:1 time to learn the skill.
The whole weekend was like a warm therapeutic 🤗 hug. Thank you.

Julie McCready - February 2020

I would strongly recommend this course. Bridget is a great teacher, patient and attentive to every detail. Both novice and experienced makers produced an amazing pieces and an atmosphere was friendly and relaxing. It’s been very enjoyable experience and I learnt a lot.

Galina Titova - February 2020

I learnt lots over the two days and am delighted with the results. Bridget has a wealth of experience and is generous in her sharing of it. An inspiring two days!

Krystyna Gadd - February 2019

The course was set in a lovely light and airy village hall with new born lambs in the field outside. Six very different craft enthusiasts with talents in many different areas came together to make six very different wet felted pictures under Bridget's watchful eye. She is generous with both her time and her knowledge. I would highly recommend this course.

Jane Firth - February 2019


Really enjoyed it. Excellent instruction and lovely sized class and great choice of coloured fibres. Very relaxing and enjoyable two days.

Helen - November 2018

A very enjoyable two days. Bridgette was very helpful to everyone.
Would recommend it.

Debra French - November 2018

An enjoyable two days with great results. 
Bridget is very generous with her time and input. There was so much to see by watching other people’s pictures as well as your own. 
I wish there had been time to learn more about the finishing off process by needle felting but maybe that’s for the next course!

Julie Slocombe - November 2018

This was a great course in a beautiful quiet location. The materials were inspiring and Bridget’s teaching was excellent. As a wet felting beginner I learned so much and created a picture I’m proud of thanks to the right balance of advice and encouragement and individual attention throughout the two days. I’d definitely recommend this course and would love to do it again sometime.

Hazel Wilkinson - November 2018


I learnt new ways to wet felt and learnt how to add details to my work with needle felting too. I particularly wanted to learn how to produce more detailed pictures.
I learnt a lot in the two days and feel like I can take my felting to the next level now. 
I am looking forward to completing my piece and producing something I can really be pleased with. 
Bridgette is very talented, knowledgeable and friendly.

Rebekah - July 2018

Having done a few felting workshops before I found this workshop provided me with far more techniques and tips that I had not been shown before. The venue was lovely and the small class meant we all received the attention we required. I left feeling totally inspired to continue to develop my felting skills.

Mary Newbegin - July 2018

My second weekend with Bridget and it was brilliant. The other ladies in the class were really good company. Bridget is a very patient tutor and wants you to learn. She is generous with her knowledge and skills. 
I have come away with so many more techniques that have added to the ones I learnt last time and feel confident to try to paint a wool picture on my own.
Thanks for your encouragement and support Bridget. We all came away with amazing pieces.

Gillian - June 2018

Very much enjoyed the course, venue was good and there was a very good supply of quality materials. Possibly may be helpful to show all the group the techniques that were discussed individually as some of the tips may not have been relevant to the particular piece we were working on but would be useful in the future.

Kate Readman - May 2018

The course was fantastic! Bridget is lovely and very generous with her time and knowledge ensuring that I and the other ladies achieved amazing results. I was so engrossed for the two days that the time flew by although I did manage to finish my poppy picture. I'd always wanted to learn how to felt pictures and would highly recommend the courses Bridget runs. She is a very talented artist!

Fiona patrick - April 2018

What a lovely way to spend a weekend meeting new people, learning new skills, relaxing and also coming away from a two day course with a felt picture you can be proud of. This is exactly what happen to me last weekend when I attend a two day felt picture masterclass course run by Bridget Bernadette Karn. 

Bridget made you feel welcome from the minute you arrived. My course was made up of five more ladies, we all got on really well, each one of us making different themed pictures from landscapes, seascapes to flowers.

Bridget was a true professional she spent time with each of her ladies giving us advice, showing us ways to make our pictures better, guiding us and passing on her skills and knowledge to help all of us learn how to wet felt and needle felt resulting in some very good pictures being produced. Bridget is a very talented lady and a excellent teacher. I would recommend one of her course to anyone wanting to learner how to make a picture through the art of wet and needle felting, you will not be disappointed.

Wendy Place - April 2018

I found the course fascinating and learnt several new techniques.We all produced very different pictures and they all looked great. I found working from a picture challenging and stimulating - Bridget has an amazing eye for colour and helped us to see colours in our photos that we had not noticed ourselves. It can be difficult to tell how much work will be involved in a certain picture so I would advise taking a few so that Bridget can help you choose. I am enjoying finishing my picture at home and look forward to coming again.Thank you Bridget for a brilliant weekend.

Hazel Kemp - April 2018

An inspirational course.
Bridget is an excellent teacher- in terms of knowledge, delivery and pastoral ability.
Bridget is only too willing to share the techniques she has learned and developed.
She gives constant one to one teaching and support .
Bridget worked with each student’s strengths and ideas while assisting each one of us to experiment with new found skills. We all completed a fantastic creation.
The materials Bridget provided were of the highest quality- all prepared well in advance of the course.
She created a lively ,friendly environment in which we worked.
Altogether an excellent course in a wonderful pastoral setting.
Thank you to Bridget and the course members for making the occasion so memorable.

Maureen Hudson - April 2018

I’ve just spent a wonderful weekend immersed in the joys of felting. Bridget is a patient, caring and inspirational teacher. It was great to see everyone’s projects - all markedly different - and the various techniques used to make them. I am sure I will be back to do more of these weekend courses to learn more from such a master craftswoman whose felt art has been accepted into the Royal Academy’s Sumer Exhibition. It’s a lovely part of the world to learn in too. I’m hooked!

Hazel - April 2018

What a wonderful experience. I was a complete novice to painting with wool but managed to produce a picture I am proud to frame and hang. Bridget was welcoming, as were the rest of the ladies in the group, enthusiastic and happy to share her knowledge and skills. Yes sometimes you had to wait for her time but I had bought a group experience so realised this would be the case. I have already recommended her to a friend and we have booked another weekend.

Gillian - March 2018

This was the second course I have done with Bridget and learned even more techniques than before. The course is well organized and over 2 days provides enough time to complete a picture. I would recommend it to all budding felters.

Margaret Wildridge -March 2018

I really enjoyed this course. It was a relaxed and friendly weekend. I learned a lot and Bridget is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic which is catching. However, I agree with a previous reviewer about having to wait for pointers on what to do next. I realise Bridget is very keen to help everyone and give some one to one help. I took photos but when I got home it was hard to remember everything. I think a handout with the basics and order of the process would be very helpful. That said, I can thoroughly recommend Bridget's workshops and I am thinking of doing another one in the not too distant future. Thank for making this a great learning experience especially for a nervous first time felter.

Jean - February 2018

I am a complete novice at felting, but after this weekend I feel confident enough to "have a go" on my own! I learnt such a lot my only problem will be remembering it all - despite my taking photos and writing notes! I had a wonderful time!

Angela Hammond - February 2018

This was the third time have attended one of Bridget's weekend workshops. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Bridget it attentive to everyone's needs sharing her time equally amongst the participants. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and brings out the best in each participants piece of work. 
Bridget creates a safe space for people completely new to the process of felting to 'have a go' and produce great pieces of work. The workshops are relaxed and friendly and generate a great sense of camaraderie.
A definite must do if you want to lose yourself for a weekend immersed in your own creative flow! She also provides all the tea and biscuits you can consume in a weekend!

Louise Matson - February 2018

I really enjoyed the course and learnt lots of new skills and techniques! The only feedback i would give is that people were often waiting for pointers on what to do next as everyone was at different stages of completion. However there were often techniques that most/all of us needed to use at some point so might have been better to get everyone to gather round and watch how to do it. Then they wouldnt have to wait to be told what to do when they got round to that new technique.

Holly Lanigan - January 2018

When you lead such a busy life it is fantastic to escape and spend 2 whole days doing something creative. Bridget is very generous with her knowledge and helps you to learn different techniques but allows you to develop your own style. This was my first attempt at felting but will certainly not be my last.

Cate - February 2018


A great experience, so informative
Bridget is so knowledgeable and so generous in sharing her knowledge and experience. I really enjoyed the whole experience and would definitely recommend this course

Jackie Bennett - February 2018


I looked forward to this Masterclass for months and it didn't disappoint. Bridget made everyone very welcome and the other 5 ladies were lovely. Bridget is an excellent teacher and gave everyone individual attention throughout. I learned a lot of new techniques which I am keen to practise. Everybody seemed to create a lovely picture and I was certainly pleased with the one I did - Although I had some prior experience of felting I could never have done it without Bridget's expert tuition and guidance. I would also recommend the nearby The Ship Inn I intend to book again next winter

Jean Stephenson - February 2018

This was an excellent course - Bridget's teaching was very good and individually tailored to our needs. I learnt new skills in felt painting which I will use all the time from now on. The location was very good and convenient for the motorway network. I would also recommend staying in Bridget's Air BnB Lodge in the village. I will look forward to coming back for another visit.

Pat Abbott - November 2017


This is my second weekend workshop with Bridgette and it was equally as good as the first! Bridgette is a great teacher and very generous with her knowledge. I wanted to learn different skills so my picture I chose was completely different from my first workshop where I did a Mountain Hare which is now framed and on my wall. This time I did a landscape of Autumn and Winter Wheat and cannot believe how well it has turned out. Great weekend, Great company and a lovely piece of work too. Thank you Bridgette and Fantastic Accommodation in your airbnb lodge!

Jacky Corsby - November 2017


This is the second course I have been on with Bridgette, and as with the last time, it was an excellent 2 day course. 
Bridget is very knowledgeable and really helpful, plus immensely patient.
It was a wonderful two days and I learnt so much, shared with some nice and friendly ladies.
A great spot to visit and a very relaxing, constructive and a really enjoyable time, I am now hooked.

Annette - November 2017

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend in good company. Bridgette was extremely generous with her knowledge, expertise, hospitality and materials. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone. Carry on Bridgette !

Christine Roworth-Gaunt - October 2017


I arrived as an absolute novice and left with a picture I could never have dreamed of making - and all the information I need to finish it off at home. Bridget is warm and encouraging, generously sharing her skills and knowledge. I loved this course and would recommend it to anyone who wants to explore the process, regardless of their experience. Above all - it was great fun!

Penny de Quincey - October 2017


A wonderful two days immersed in colour, texture and learning new skills. I was able to proceed at my own pace with Bridgettes skills and guidance. I couldn't believe the second day was at an end! I came home with a beautiful piece of work and a weath of knowledge and skill.

Thanks to Bridgett, her generosity of time and skill and the lovely people who also took the course.

Ann Chappell - October 2017

The masterclass was excellent. I arrived with both a challenging and a more simple picture as my inspiration for the 2 days and Bridget did not hesitate to suggest that I attempted the more challenging picture . Throughout the two days Bridget guided me on the composition of the picture sharing with me her knowledge and experience. I am very thrilled with the results and have learnt so much on how to use colour and techniques to achieve the desired results.
The 2 days were very relaxed and informative. Bridget is very generous with her time and experience providing you with confidence to have a go on your own!

Dianne Klburn - October 2017


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